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    Wood fireplaces
    The Importance of Flue Lining in Masonry Chimney




    Vermont Casting








    Wood fireplace Stoves in Connecticut

    "Wood fireplaces are prefabricated features meant to be installed in framed enclosures which are finished and accessorized to resemble masonry fireplaces. A typical wood fireplace usually consists of a metal firebox lined with firebrick panels inside, a damper located at the top, and a glass door with a screen. Some models have fireboxes enveloped with another boxes on the outside that create a gap through which air heats up and is circulated often with a help of convection fan.

    The firebox unit must be connected to a listed prefabricated chimney (usually installed on top of the unit) designed for that fireplace. The completely assembled system usually is enclosed within framed walls with proper clearances to combustibles and fire-stops installed where necessary. CSIA Certified Sweeps in Northwestern Connecticut, CT.

    The fireplace then can be accessories with variety of facings and/or mantels to add the style and beauty to its look. A fireplace by definition is a feature in which fires must be burnt with the doors open. There are, however, wood fireplaces that will allow you to have fires either with the doors open or closed. These types of fireplace wood stove hybrids will combine the beauty of a fireplace with the efficiency of a wood stove.

    Wood inserts are wood stoves designed to be installed in masonry fireplace accessories across CT. If you already have an inserts installed in a masonry fireplace accessories, the addition of a stainless steel chimney liner can improve performance ask your stove dealer if the inserts you are considering is certified for this use. 3G Chimneys, LLC has been servicing Northwestern Connecticut, CT for over 25 years.
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